Rape of the Century: Uyghur Forced Marriage Under the CCP in Chinese Occupied East Turkistan

We are going to open the door to a horrific dark place that no one deserves to be there. If you are a mother, a daughter, a father, a son, a sister, or a brother, please hold your tears until the end of the piece.

Imagine someone slammed on your door at midnight and you asked your husband to check if everything is ok. One minute passed, he was not back to the bedroom, you had no extra worries as it happens sometimes. But five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes have passed and your husband never returned to you.

Imagine the next morning, you were trying to talk to your 15-year-old daughter about what happened last night. The same noise on the door started to make you tremble; you didn’t want to open the door, but the voice on the other side got louder and louder. You had to open it to witness two monster-looking Chinese men standing in front of you. You could see the greed, lust, and a sense of death in their eyes. They told you that they are the Chinese Communist Party members, they are here to ‘keep you and your daughter company’ as it is an order from the Party.

They pushed in, sat at your breakfast table and invaded into your life. Nights were never the same since then for both you and your daughter. The sobs coming from your daughter’s bedroom killed you over and over again as your pain wasn’t anything less when a strange man rapes you each night on the name of the Party.

You were not alone; your neighbour’s daughter, 23, a fresh college graduate who is ready for her beautiful life ahead, sent you a wedding invitation written in Chinese characters and warns you better come to her party. Her future husband’s name wasn’t a Uyghur one, it was a Chinese name in rigid letters. You knew the neighbour’s daughter, she had a handsome and intelligent Uyghur fiancée who was an engineer, she would share lengthy stories with you and her mother about how sweet their relationship is and they were ready to get married once she is graduated. Who is the Chinese man she is getting married to? Where is her Uyghur fiancée?

Then it was your college’s nephew, your friend’s younger sister, your classmate’s relative, your brother’s fiancée, your uncle’s granddaughter, it was almost everyone around you that are getting married to someone they have never met before, never had any relationship before, never even imagined to be with. Many Uyghur girls are forced to marry a Chinese man because their Communist Party promised them a lumpsum of money and property in East Turkistan, because their government encouraged them to rape the Uyghur women, abuse them, torture them while their husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles are forcefully caged at the death camps, forced labour camps or prisons in Chinese occupied East Turkistan.

This is not a tale from One Thousand and One Nights, not a gory story from the past Soviet Union, not a memoir of a Jewish girl during the Holocaust. This is the reality of Uyghurs right now as of you are reading this. Can you hear their silent scream behind the closed doors? What would you do if the same situation happens to your own family, or to yourself? A regime supported mass rape of women and children is taking place in modern China, right now, right here!