Week Ending January 1, 2021

China’s biggest social media platform WeChat announced the list of Uyghur songs that are forbidden by the Chinese government

According to the information obtained by the Uyghur Information Center (Uyghurinfo.org) on December 31, 2020, WeChat announced a forbidden list of Uyghur songs which cannot be shared among users on the online platform. This shows an increased control of Uyghurs by the Chinese government.

The following is the list of forbidden Uyghur songs on WeChat:

1. I passed through Shihaba (original version )
2. Love at school (original version)
3. What did I do wrong
4. Tulip song
5. Don’t torture the girls
6. Charming flowers (original version)
7. Blue wolf
8. The leader will come
9. Are you the one who humiliated your mother
10. You are my happiness
11. Bye-bye
12. Is my lover guilty
13. Need money
14. Cigarette description
15. Let it be
16. The heart of the ladies
17. I have chosen
18. Heartache
19. Gotten used to
20. Cotton picking is not easy
21. What tough times one does not go through in life
22. Don’t cry
23. Let’s leave this place

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