Week Ending 11 Dec 2020

1. China’s forced-labor factories in Urumqi are closed due to the punishment by the United States government

According to the information obtained by Uyghurinfo.org on December 3, 2020, China’s forced labor factories in Urumqi have been closed. About 30% of the Uyghur workers were released and the rest were arbitrarily sentenced and sent to prison. According to the sources, these factory closures were due to the punishment measures taken by the United States government.

2. China’s screening on Uyghurs further intensified

According to the news obtained by Uyghurinfo.org on December 4, 2020, the control measures taken against the Uyghur people further intensified. In the past, Uyghurs were required to show personal ID card and go through facial recognition check when entering a store or a gas station; now they are required to register before entering any restaurant. In rural areas, the situation is even worse— layer upon layer of barricades and checkpoints have been installed.

3. China’s inspection of Uyghurs has been further tightened with COVID-19 as a pretext

According to the information obtained by Uyghurinfo.org on December 5, 2020, using Covid-19 as pretext CCP further tightened the inspection of Uyghurs. For example, when Uyghurs pass any check point, the government mandated that two Apps on their phones must be scanned. Besides, Uyghurs must have the two codes updated on their phones. In order to do that, they have to go to the local community administration office for nucleic acid test. Those who did not pass the monthly nucleic acid test were flagged by a yellow color on those two codes in their own phones and are not allowed to pass through any check point.

4. Health insurance was cancelled for the Uyghurs released from China’s forced labor factories

According to the information obtained by Uyghurinfo.org on December 9, 2020, health insurance accounts were frozen and insurance IDs were canceled for those Uyghurs who have been released from China’s forced labor factories.

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